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Virtual Production


We create special experiences by merging the physical world with a digital reality. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two main forms. An immersive experience is created when all the elements of seeing, hearing and feeling come together. Interactivity and connectivity are the entire focus. By using our powerful tools and our reliable RT6 Engine server series, we meet this need for real-time virtual productions. Whether it's 3D content, a greenscreen or an XR-studio and of course live on stage. We are ready for your digital experience

Digital Signage


Brands are seeking ways to hollow the customer experience at every visit. With small and affordable media installations, which gives the customer a benefit or personal attraction, retailers now have the opportunity to deliver a personal customer experience. If you’re working on a store or you need some ideas, get in touch.

Projecton Mapping


3D projection mapping has become one of the coolest forms of advertising. Big players like Coca Cola, Samsung and Audi projecting stunning 3D video displays on buildings around the world. We are working at the intersection of design and technology. Based on the venue details and the budget we create and plan projection mappings on any surface and object.



What had to be rendered in the past is now done right on the fly and in realtime. While many short-term changes were not possible in the past years due to growing resolutions of LED screens, we listened to the needs of the market and implemented a VENTUZ a realtime generating content software in our worklow. This tool is giving us the opportunity to deliver high end graphics with the flexibility we need at the event - for example press conferences at automotive shows.

Tracking & Realtime


Using the power of a realtime rendering tool, combined with tracking cameras on stage is changing the way of content creation. We trust in NOTCH.

Probably the most complete, controllable and integrated real-time visual effects engine around. Setting new standards for real-time.



Where LED resolutions are above 4K and the highest content playback standard is needed, we deliver this demand of uncompressed video playback. Combining the powerful tools of Christie Pandoras Box and our reliable HT- Server series we are delivering this need at automotive shows and high class events where the ultimate image quality is required.



We design, build and install media experiences for places where people face historic happenings. For all types of story to tell and built , we find the perfect technology to activate inspire audiences. Bringing us in your project you will have an exhibit tech advocate that speaks your language and can help creating the best approach, with precise and collegial communication along the way.

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