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Realtime rendered content for Hyundai Motor at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show


At the Hyundai Motor Press Conference the production team AV Active/Chimney once again set the stage for Hyundai Press Conference to present their newest technologies to the industry. Electro mobility was the main topic with the introduction of the All-New Kona Electric.

Le Fil Rouge represents the new design language of Hyundai. Design is the number one reason why customers choose the Hyundai brand. That is why Hyundai constantly works on its future design identity. The concept car ‘Le Fil Rouge’ represents the company’s new design direction under the theme ‘Sensuous Sportiness’. Another great show with a well-rehearsed team for our legacy customer.

The European debut of the All-New Hyundai NEXO, the world’s first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV, will be a further highlight of Hyundai’s Geneva Motor Show presence. Connected car technology combined with the futuristic design guideline of the concept car ‘Le Fil Rouge’ makes the Hyundai stand at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show a focal point for both car and design enthusiasts. In addition, Hyundai presents the Intelligent Personal Cockpit, which showcases the connection between Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and driver stress detection.


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